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Our Learning Circles

In our Learning Circles, everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time.  Learn from others while teaching from your own experience.



"A Learning Circle is an informal, co-operative way of learning that is based on natural patterns of human interaction. It does not convey information in a linear way, but offers a complex sharing of personal wisdom that addresses every level of the participants' body, mind, heart, and spirit. Imagine half a dozen or a dozen people, talking intensely, listening deeply, sharing their thoughts and insights, and feeling heard, acknowledged, involved, challenged, and connected - this is a Learning Circle.

Learning Circles are not new. They have been with us since the earliest people sat down around a camp fire to share experiences and solve problems. It is an approach applied in aboriginal healing circles, in medicine wheels, and in ritual circles used for spiritual learning in cultures all over the globe. The behaviour persists today when employees discuss problems during their coffee break. No matter what the context, the human tendency is to circle together and talk through issues face to face.

Perhaps we do this because the knowledge of a group is always broader than that of an individual. Human beings like to talk, and social structures in every culture have turned upon group discussion. In fact, the Learning Circle is really a temporary re-creation of the tribe, offering a way of expanding horizons of the participants" (SOURCE:  BRITISH COLUMBIA OPEN LEARNING AGENCY, TRANSFORMATION AND TRIBAL LEARNING GUIDE).

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